Case of the Years

2017 Patrol Case of the Year 

Officer Mark Wilcox and K9 Dax, Kansas City KS Police Department


On May 9, 2017 shortly after 2200 hours, the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department was dispatched to the 1900 block of South Boeke St., Kansas City, Kansas to investigate a shooting.  Upon arrival officers made contact with a male in his twenties that was suffering from a gunshot wound to his back.  The male victim directed them to a nearby address where he said there were other shooting victims.  Officers responded to that location and found three other individuals who had suffered fatal gunshot wounds and three young children that were left unharmed.  The surviving gunshot victim, who officers made initial contact with, was able to identify the shooting suspect by name - Jason Tucker.  Officers responded to the 2100 block of North 33rd Street to look for the suspect.   
When officers arrived in area, the suspect's vehicle was located.  Two shotguns and numerous additional shotgun shells were seen in the vehicle.  When officers approached the house they could see three people on the front porch of the home.  When they got closer, a male believed to be Jason Tucker fled the porch and headed toward the back yard of the house.  Knowing the extreme severity of the crime and the high probability of the individual being armed, the officers did not chase the suspect into the dimly lit area.  The first officers on the scene were quick to establish a perimeter of the area and request assistance from the Kansas City, Kansas Police Departments only canine team.

Officer Mark Wilcox and Canine Dax were off duty when they were requested to respond to the 2100 of North 33rd St..  They arrived at 2306 hours, and were given the description of the suspect who had fled the porch area.  Officer Wilcox met with two cover officers who assisted him during the search of the area.  After giving a series of verbal warnings for the suspect to surrender, there was no response.  Canine Dax was given the command to search backyards in the immediate area.  Dax began to show a change of breathing and body posture as they approached waist high grass that led to a four foot chain link fence.  Officer Wilcox, believing they were closing in on the suspect's location, told the back-up officers what he was seeing in his dog and to be 

prepared for contact with the suspect.  At the fence Officer Wilcox gave additional warnings announcing his authority, what he wanted the suspect to do and what would happen if he refused to comply.  After there was no response from the suspect, Canine Dax was lifted over the fence and given commands to find the suspect. 

Immediately after putting Dax over the fence, Officer Wilcox heard yelling from about five feet on the other side of the fence in the tall grass.  Canine Dax located the triple homicide suspect and had bit him on the upper right thigh area.  Officer Wilcox warned the suspect not to move.  The suspect continued to move and yell before slapping Canine Dax in the head.  Dax released his bite on the right leg and then bit the suspect's left forearm.  The suspect was looking at Canine Dax when Officer Wilcox heard him say, "I give up, dog!"  Officer Wilcox and the search team climbed over the fence and cautiously approached the suspect.  While Canine Dax was still biting the left forearm, Officer Wilcox lifted Dax off the bite to prevent further injury.  The suspect was taken into custody without any additional use of force being applied.  Medical treatment for the suspect's injuries was immediately obtained at the scene prior to being taken to the hospital for additional treatment.

Jason Tucker was charged in Wyandotte County, Kansas with three counts of capital murder, attempted burglary and violation of a protection order.  At the time of this writing he is being held on $1 million dollar bond.

In August of 2016 the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department reduced the size of their canine unit from three teams to one.  In the months that have followed Officer Wilcox and Canine Dax have had approximately seven successful patrol deployments.  The deployment described above is typical of the effort Officer Wilcox and Canine Dax put forth to make the City of Kansas City, Kansas a safer place.

2017 Detection Case of the Year 

Det. Ken Price and K9 Charlie, Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept., CA

On Sunday July 16th, 2017, at approx. 1000 hrs, a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy that was working the Domestic Highway Enforcement Team in the Gorman area observed a grey Dodge Nitro SUV traveling northbound Interstate 5. The Deputy observed a vehicle code violation and conducted a traffic stop. The driver and registered owner of the vehicle was unlicensed and consented to a search of the vehicle. Detective Price arrived on the scene with his K9 partner Charlie. Detective Price has Charlie do a sniff of the vehicle and noticed Charlie had a change of behavior and seemed to get very frustrated, as if could not get close enough to the source of what he was sniffing for, around the rear bumper and under where the spare tire sits. Detective Price let Charlie into the vehicle to sniff the interior. As Charlie was sniffing the back deck/storage area, he alerted to a hole in the floor where the spare tire crank goes. Detective Price searched this area and Charlie's alert lead to a discovery of a false compartment under the floor that contained 20 packages of Meth totaling approx 35 lbs.

Honorable Mention

2017 Runner up Patrol Case of the Year

Officer Michael Grisell and K9 Kobi,  Lenexa Police Department, KS


On 10-24-2017 at 2159 hours, officers were dispatched to a residence reference a physical disturbance. Dispatch advised a male subject and his significant other (female party) were actively engaged in a physical disturbance. Dispatch advised over the radio that Med-Act would be staging due to the male subject having unknown injuries. Dispatch also advised there was a firearm involved in the disturbance and the two subjects were fighting over possession of the gun.

Officer Grisell decided to respond to the address to assist officers on this call. While he was driving to the call he heard officers say they had contact with the male subject outside of the residence and had secured the firearm. Officers advised the female subject came to the door and refused to come outside. The female subject went back inside the residence and upstairs to the bedroom/bathroom area. Officers stated they were waiting outside for additional units to arrive. The officers on scene also advised the male victim was advising there were numerous weapons upstairs to include knives and nun-chucks.

Officer Grisell arrived at 2212 hours and deployed his PSD Kobi. Officer Grisell had Kobi in a harness with a 30 foot leash attached to it. He responded to the front porch of the residence. and spoke with officers on scene. They advised they believed the female was upstairs and had locked herself in a bathroom that attached to the bedroom where the weapons were located. Due to the statements the victim was telling officers and the belief that an aggravated assault and a domestic battery had occurred Officer Grisell was going to have Kobi with the contact team inside the residence.

At 2216 hours, they made entry into the residence and went to the landing on the stairs near the bathroom. Officer Grisell started to give canine announcements from this location. During these announcements the female was yelling at officers to get out and come back with a warrant. 

At this time Sergeant Harris took over commands and started to order the female out of the bathroom however she refused to come out. While Sergeant Harris was speaking with her he informed her that she was under arrest and she needed to surrender. During this time, she advised she was naked in the tub and was not coming out of the bathroom.

Officer Grisell again gave the female commands to come out of the bathroom with her hands up and told her she was under arrest. He asked the female if she was going to cooperate and there was no answer from her. At this time, they 

decided to move from the stairs to the bedroom to gain a better angle towards the bathroom. Officer Grisell went inside the bedroom and was at a 45-degree angle from the door approximately 8-10 feet away from the door. From this location he could see in plain view several knives on top of a tall dresser. The top drawer of the dresser was pulled open and officers could see knives inside the drawer as well. On the bed officers could see in plain view an empty hand gun holster and a bullet.

From this location he continued to give the female commands to come out of the bathroom with her hands up and there was no response from her. Officer Grisell asked her if she had any other weapons in the bathroom with her and there was no response. Sergeant Harris continued to give announcements for the female to come out and told her if she did not she was going to get dog bit. During this time period the female stated that the dog was not going to bite her, and she was not going to come out. Several more announcements were given for her to come out or she was going to get dog bit and officers told her that we did not want her to get hurt.

Sergeant Harris approached the door and the female could be heard moving around in the bathroom. The female cracked the door open and Sergeant Harris ordered her out of the bathroom and would not let her close the door. Sergeant Harris continued to give commands to her and Officer Grisell told her to show them her hands and she was not complying. Sergeant Harris told her to grab the robe that was in plain view and ordered her out of the bathroom. She refused to come out and attempted to close the door. Sergeant Harris and Officer Womer went hands on with her in the doorway of the bathroom. The female was resisting arrest and actively struggling with the officers trying to close the door and get back into the bathroom.

Officer Grisell then told Officer Womer to get out of the way and he was sending the dog to bite her. Officer Grisell gave Kobi the bite command and he engaged the female biting her on the right arm in the forearm/elbow area. Officer Grisell then gave the female commands to get on the ground. She was refusing to comply with orders and continued to struggle with officers. The female did not yell or scream she just looked directly at the dog and continued to resist by shaking her right arm while the dog was biting her. Once the female was on the ground and taken into custody, Kobi was removed from the bite and Officer Grisell advised dispatch that a dog bite had taken place so the medical team outside could respond to treat her. 

2017 Runner up Detection Case of the Year

Det. Steve Miller and K9 Rocky,  Springfield MO Police Department

Throughout the summer of 2017, the Springfield Police Department's Narcotics Enforcement Team investigated a subject who was known for distributing large quantities of meth. Multiple Search Warrants were executed and countless man hours and surveillance were poured into this investigation. 

On August 30th, 2017, through surveillance, the target was observed leaving a hotel and traveling out of the Springfield area. The target was followed to the Kansas City area where he was seen conducting a hand to hand transaction with another male at a truck stop. The target began his travels back to the Springfield area. Detectives maintained surveillance during the trip back to Springfield. The Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted by conducting a traffic stop on the target vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle refused consent to search the vehicle. Det. Miller deployed his PSD Rocky around the exterior of the vehicle. Rocky indicated on the passenger side door of the target car. Rocky was then deployed on the interior of the vehicle where he indicated on a black backpack that was in the floor board where the main target was sitting. 6.6 pounds of methamphetamine was located in that backpack belonging to the suspect.

Further investigation throughout this vehicle stop led to evidence linking the target to a source in the Kanas City area. They then used this evidence to assist the DEA in the Kansas City area with a wiretap to identify the source multiple targets and the main source of supply.This K9 seizure resulted in approximately 8 suspects tied up in the local conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine along with multiple indictments in the near future springing from the wiretap in the Kansas City area.The total seizures in reference to this case were 12 pounds of methamphetamine, 3 guns, $51,689, and a new 2017 Harley Davidson Motorcycle (paid in full with drug proceeds)


North Central Awards

Officer Cederberberg and K9 Skar, Princeton Police Dept., MN 

On 12-2018 at approximately 0527 hours, Officer Cederberg was requested to assist Sherburne County and the Minnesota State Patrol who were involved in a motor vehicle pursuit with a stolen vehicle out of Mille Lacs County. Shortly after the pursuit started the vehicle crashed into a field and the suspects had ran. Officer Cederberg responded and once on scene, spoke with Sherburne County Deputies who informed him they were setting up a perimeter and that the suspects had run in a northeast direction. Officer Cederberg retrieved his canine and along with Deputy Turner of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office gave a canine announcement. Skar immediately pulled hard to the northeast direction. They went for approximately 50 feet and at that point he could then see that Skar had apprehended a suspect. The suspect was informed he was under arrest and the canine was removed from the suspect. Once the suspect was searched, handcuffed and escorted from the scene by Trooper and Deputies, Officer Cederberg gave another loud canine warning. Canine Skar then gave a head snap and pulled hard to the northwest, pulling him through tall, high grass into very thick, waist-high shrubs, sticks and thorn-bushes. Canine warnings were given again, and they continued for approximately 100-150 yards in that thick vegetation at which point Skar then apprehended a subject laying in the thick vegetation. Officer Cederberg then casted his canine out into a northeast direction to see if he could pick up another track of any other individuals that may have left from the vehicle. Skar picked up a track in the vegetation. He pulled him hard in a northeast direction, and we continued tracking in a northeast direction and he was pulling him through very thick vegetation and open fields. Skar then gave a head snap and continued to pull in a northeast direction on the track. They went for approximately another 100 yards, but

he could see that Skar was starting to get exhausted. Officer Cederberg then had dispatch try and obtain a relief canine to try and continue the track.

The approximately length of that track from the crash site was approximately 1.5 to 2 miles. 

Officer Davis and K9 Victor, Kansas City MO Police Dept., 

On 12/19/2018 at 1126 hours Officer Davis was dispatched to an address in regard to meeting Shoal Creek Officers. They had a party run from a house that was suspected of holding his girlfriend at gunpoint. While Officer Davis was in route an employee of a nearby construction site observed the suspect running in a southeastern direction at the north side of their construction site located north of 210 hwy and between Brighton and Searcy Creek. 

1. Suspect was wanted for kidnapping/unlawful restraint. 

2. Suspect was actively resisting by hiding, fleeing, and refusing verbal commands

3. It was reported that the suspect was armed.

Officer Davis started his search where the construction worker observed the suspect run. He gave two loud verbal announcements of “Police Canine come out now or you May be bit!” Officer Davis then deployed Victor. Victor immediately showed strong odor changes and began pulling him along a path in a southeastern direction. After an extended distance Victor was still pulling him along the path. Officer Davis did observe what he believed to be fresh footprints, broken limbs and disturbance in the leaves. Victor began to lift his head up in the air and wanted to go faster to the south. Victor then wanted to go down a small narrow trail on the side of the drop off, however due to safety concerns, Officer Davis stopped him and called him back. One of the TRT officers with him on the search team was able to visually see the suspect below them. TRT officers were able to move down the drop off to the suspect and take him into custody without further incident. 

Officer Bargerstock and K9 Scout, Bonner Springs Police Dept., KS


On August 27th, 2018 at approximately 0307 hours, Edwardsville Police Officers conducted a suspicious vehicle check at 11180 Riverview Avenue, in which the driver drove at officers and struck an Edwardsville Police car. Officers initiated a vehicle pursuit and requested Bonner Springs assistance. Edwardsville officers advised their charges were Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. Officer Bargerstock took over as the primary pursuit vehicle on I435 southbound at approximately 0314 hours. At the conclusion of the pursuit at approximately I635 and Horizon in Riverside, MO, the driver exited the vehicle, looked at officers, then fled on foot. Officer Bargerstock released K9 Scout for an apprehension. The driver was bit by Scout on her left forearm and then was taken into custody without further incident. The driver did obtain injury from the bite and was treated by KCFD EMS and transported to North Kansas City Hospital for further treatment.

Detective Garcia and K9 Zina, Kansas City MO PD



On 10-22-2018 at 1127 hours Det. Garcia along with other members of The Mowin Task Force were conducting drug interdiction activities at The Greyhound Bus Lines in Kansas City, Missouri. We observed a bus arrive, which originates out of Los Angeles, CA. Det. Garcia responded to the bus as it was parking at dock #2 with K-9 Zina.  K-9 Zina pulled him toward the first bin of the bus on the driver's side and started to sniff the side of the bus, so he knew that she was in odor of narcotics.  Det. Garcia observed a white male sitting in the first window seat behind the driver.  He then advised members of his squad that K-9 Zina was in odor of narcotics above the first luggage bin of the bus and showed Det. Acton where the white male was sitting. Det. Garcia then opened the first luggage bin of the bus and K-9 Zina started to sniff the top of the luggage bin, and he continued to have K-9 Zina conduct a sniff check of all of the luggage in the two remaining luggage bins of the bus on the driver's side.  While in the third or last luggage bin of the bus, K-9 Zina came into contact with a black soft sided Samsonite suitcase and immediately sat alerting to the odor of narcotics in or about suitcase.  Det. Garcia then advised Det. Atkins of the alert to the suitcase.  The black Samsonite suitcase had a baggage claim ticket with no name, but showed the final destination of New Jersey.  The black Samsonite suitcase was left on the bus while detectives attempted to locate the owner for the suitcase.  While coming around the front of the bus to conduct a sniff check of the remainder of the luggage on the bus, Det. Garcia observed Det. Nelson talking to the white male who was the subject that was sitting in the first seat behind the driver where K-9 Zina was in apparent odor of narcotics.  The male was carrying a blue colored backpack and was refusing consent to search of the backpack.  Det. Nelson advised the male that we could have K-9 Zina conduct a sniff check of the backpack. He then placed the backpack down at which time Det. Garcia responded with K-9 Zina.  K-9 Zina came into contact with the backpack and immediately sat alerting to the odor of narcotics in or about the backpack.  The male subject consented to a search of the backpack, at which time we located four bundles wrapped in brown packing tape that were determined to be 6.2 pounds of brown Heroin.  He was then placed under investigation arrest for possession of a controlled substance.   

Det. Garcia then located the black Samsonite suitcase in the first luggage bin of the bus on the driver's side.  He removed the black suitcase and rolled it over to the front door of the bus where Det. Atkins was standing. Det. Garcia was advised that Det. Atkins had not located an owner for the suitcase and had recovered the suitcase as abandoned and had opened the suitcase and located three bundles wrapped in white padded envelopes that eventually were found to contain 10.7 pounds of cocaine.  It was later determined after interviewing the male who had the backpack with 6.2 pounds of Heroin was also the owner of the 10.7 pounds of Cocaine.

Detective Garcia and K9 Zina, Kansas City MO PD

On August 27th, 2018 at 1400 hours K-9 Zina and Det. Garcia were at the UPS facility working parcels.  Det. Garcia located  3 parcels, two of which were shipped from Long Beach, California and one that was shipped from Compton, California.  All three were being shipped to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Det. Garcia placed the parcels with other unrelated parcels and responded with K-9 Zina.  K-9 Zina came into contact with the first parcel and sat alerting to the odor of narcotics in or about the parcel.  Det. Garcia then continued on with K-9 Zina and she sat alerting to the second parcel in question for the odor of narcotics.  K-9 Zina came into contact with the third parcel in question and also sat alerting to the parcel for the odor of narcotics.  The three parcels were recovered at their unit and at which time Det. Garcia observed a total of 11 large bundles of a crystal-like substance consistent to that of methamphetamine wrapped in clear cellophane.  Det. Garcia removed the cellophane and observed several zip lock bags that had been sealed in clear food saver bags.  The packaging for all three parcels were identical so he knew that the shipper or source were the same for all three parcels.  A total of 59 pounds of Methamphetamine were located in the 11 bundles.  The Methamphetamine was tested using the Tru Narc system which showed the crystal-like substance to be methamphetamine.  DEA has adopted the case and has identified the source of the Methamphetamine and several cases that link back to this shipper.

Officer Donaldson and K9 Leo, Lenexa Police Department, KS


On 09-28-2018 at approximately 2039 hours MPO Reglin conducted a vehicle check on a subject in a car at Crossland economy studios. Ofc Reglin arrested the subject for a felony warrant for meth distribution that had a $40,000 bond. At 2113 hours, Officer Donaldson was requested to the vehicle check. Upon arrival he was requested by DPU to conduct a free air sniff of the suspects’ vehicle in the parking lot. Officers gave him a row of vehicles to conduct a free air sniff on. PSD Leo conducted the free air sniff on three vehicles parked next to each other on the east side of the hotel. PSD Leo showed positive alerts to a white GMC Acadia. After securing PSD Leo Officer Donaldson advised DPU of the alert to the GMC. They advised him that was in fact the vehicle they were investigating. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, 2.3 grams of marijuana, 10.6 grams of methamphetamine, distribution paraphernalia, and a loaded handgun was seized. A further investigation led us to speaking with another subject who had a felony warrant for theft and he was arrested as well. It also led to gaining consent to the hotel room. PSD Leo was deployed on the search of the room. While in the back bedroom, PSD Leo and Officer Donaldson conducted a routine room sniff. In the closet area PSD Leo showed a positive alert and final indication on a black piece of luggage. When I returned to the room DPU advised there was a locked safe that smelled heavily of marijuana hidden inside the piece of luggage. DPU recovered the safe PSD Leo alerted to and applied for a search warrant.  For now, the suspect was charged with distribution of methamphetamine, felony drug paraphernalia, and obstruction with a $50,000 bond. The safe contained another 6 grams of marijuana.


Officer Cochran and K9 Falco, Fargo Police Department, ND

On April 18, 2018, Officer Cochran was sent to a residence for a reported burglary to a garage. The home owner had just returned home to find a person in a dark hooded sweatshirt come running out of his garage. This male was last seen running south. The home owner said he heard someone going over the chain linked fence and a motion light turn on and nothing more after that. A perimeter was set up in the area and K9 warnings were given. After several minutes of not hearing or seeing anyone give up, Officer Cochran deployed Falco to track. Falco gave a head snap near the home and garage and pulled up to the chain linked fence and jumped over. He continued to take a track going south west through the yard. The track came out onto the east side of 21 St and then continued south. About midblock, he got a negative from Falco, so he circled to reacquire a track, which he did, heading east into the alley. Officer Cochran got another negative and began trying to reacquire a track but was not locating one. About this time someone called out over the radio there was a dark passenger car leaving the area, going south on 21 St. Officer Cochran saw the vehicle, which had a driver and three passengers. Officer Cochran was standing on the street at this time, in full uniform and flashed his flashlight at them, as did his cover officer. They both yelled "Fargo Police stop"! All three occupants looked directly at them and sped off, going south. Sgt. Wagner then saw the vehicle and attempted to stop it. The vehicle did not stop, but eventually did in the 200 block of 20 ST N. All occupants got out and started to run. Sgt. Wagner was able to stop one however, two others continued to run north and then turned east. More K9 warnings were given and after not hearing or seeing anyone give up another track was started. Falco took a track going north along the east side of 20 ST towards the New Life Center. He got a negative at which time he circled K9 and he reacquired a track going east towards 19 ST. Falco continued tracking north on hard surface and began pulling much harder. They began approaching 3 AVE N, where there was a large roll out dumpster and Falco ran up to it and began running along the side back and forth along the dumpster and was attempting to get in. The cover officer checked inside and found one male and one female hiding. The male in the dumpster was arrested for burglary and a Minnesota felony warrant. The female in the dumpster was arrested for refusing to halt. The driver was arrested for fleeing in a motor vehicle.


Sgt. Thom and K9 Dreamos, Stutsman unty SO, ND


On May 12, 2018 while watching east bound traffic on I94 near mile marker 267 Sgt. Thom observed a white passenger car following too closely to another vehicle. As the vehicle passed he noticed a male driver who was the sole visible occupant. While following the vehicle it approached the rear of a slower moving vehicle. Again, the vehicle came well within the recommended three second following distance. As they approached exit 272 he activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop. Sgt. Thom approached the vehicle and made contact with the male driver who was the sole occupant of the vehicle and informed him of the reason for the stop. Sgt. Thom noticed the driver’s hands were visibly shaking as he located his driver’s license and that he fumbled with his wallet. While completing the warning for following too close Sgt. Thom engaged the driver in general conversation about his travels. Sgt. Thom asked the driver if he had any weapons with him today, and he said no. He then asked the driver if he had any large sums of US currency or illegal drugs with him today and he responded no calmly again. Sgt.Thom noted that when asked about illegal drugs the tone and severity of the “no” given by the driver differed from when asked about weapons and large sums of currency. Sgt. Thom asked for and was denied consent to conduct a search of the vehicle but was told he could search the outside with his canine. Sgt.Thom allowed his canine Dreamos to detail the vehicle and at the trunk lid area of the vehicle Dreamos alerted to the presence of an odor he is trained to detect. Canine Dreamos also stepped up onto the bumper multiple times sniffing intently at the trunk seams. Sgt. Thom popped the trunk of the vehicle and observed a red blanket covering multiple heat-sealed bags containing raw marijuana. 113 heat-sealed bags containing raw marijuana were recovered.


Deputy Burton and K9 Bongo, Mille Lacs County SO, MN


On July 1, 2018, Deputy Burton deployed K9 Bongo to track a felony domestic assault suspect who fled on foot prior to the arrival of officers. The victim in this case had been strangled by the suspect. The suspect fled the scene according to witnesses at approximatley 0125 hrs. and was last seen running out a door of a hotel. The deployment area was a large resort which has a golf course, marina, bar and numerous hotels and condos. K9 Bongo picked up a track and headed to the east. The area where he acquired the track was concrete sidewalk/patio area. K9 Bongo tracked nose down pulling on the harness down a sidewalk to the east and across the bar parking lot which was heavily contaminated with human odor. K9 Bongo continued to pull hard out onto a wooden bridge that led to a large marina that had 100+ boats in dock. K9 Bongo tracked across the bridge and continued down the sidewalk along the water’s edge. After a few hundred yards, K9 Bongo gave a pronounced negative stopped tracking he began pull me toward the water’s edge and he went down into the water and attempted to board a pontoon boat. Deputy Burton could see the suspect laying down hiding in the boat and he gave k9 warnings which he complied with. He was then arrested without further incident. 

Detective Garcia and K9 Zina, Kansas City MO PD


On May 09, 2018 Det. Garcia and K-9 Zina were working the sort at The UPS facility. Det. Garcia located seven parcels that K-9 Zina alerted to for the odor of narcotics. He observed that all the parcels were being shipped to all parts of The United States such as Toledo, OH. Brooklyn, NY. New York, NY. Charlotte, NC. Tampa, FL. He also observed that all of the parcels were being shipped out of California from different cities but all had been shipped using the same account. The shipping addresses were all fictitious, but he was able to determine that the tracking number on the parcels were all shipped out of the same UPS store. He was also able to see that most of the parcels were packaged the same, and he also observed numerous parcels to be lined with Masonite board around the sides of the parcels. In total K-9 Zina alerted to 56 parcels, K-9 Zina, and I recovered 435.4 pounds of marijuana, 4.1 pounds of Hash, 410 pounds of THC Oils, and a parcel that was going back to California, which contained $22,000.00 in U.S. currency. Det. Garcia then submitted each parcel that he recovered to Midwest HIDTA along with photographs in hopes that the cities that these parcels were going to would contact me. Det. Garcia was contacted by a Detective in New York that noticed that many of the parcels that he had recovered were being shipped to a Storage facility in New York. That Detective responded with a canine to the storage facility in New York and their canine alerted to the storage locker. He was able to locate 80 pounds of marijuana in the storage facility and located a large amount of 30 gallon fiber drums identical to the ones that he had seized.

Deputy Ellefson and K9 Gabber, Morton County Sheriff's Office, ND

On February 4, 2018, Deputy Ellefson arrested two subjects for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver-marijuana (More than 500 grams). At approximately 10:08 hours, Dep. Ellefson was sitting stationary near the on ramp to I-94 eastbound at exit 140. While sitting stationary, he noticed a pickup pass by eastbound that appeared to be traveling at a higher rate of speed than the posted 75 mph. As he closed in on the pickup, he observed it cross the lane divider without activating its left turn signal. The pickup was momentarily driving down the middle of the two driving lanes. The pickup then proceeded to quickly move to the right and return to the driving lane. Once the pickup came to a halt, Dep. Ellefson approached on the passenger side to explain the reason for the stop to the driver and the male passenger. The driver understood and stated that he was trying to take off his jacket and that's what caused him to cross the lane divider. Due to the frigid cold temperatures, Dep. Ellefson requested the driver to accompany him inside his patrol car so he could review his information. While he walked back towards the patrol car, he quickly looked inside the rear box portion through the topper windows. Dep. Ellefson observed what appeared to be multiple large cardboard boxes. Dep. Ellefson then proceeded to ask the driver if he had anything illegal inside the pickup. The driver indicated there wasn’t but appeared to be showing signs of nervousness. Once Dep. Ellefson completed the warning citation and checking the driver’s history, he proceeded to ask the driver if he had anything illegal inside the vehicle ranging from narcotics to firearms. The driver advised there was not. Dep. Ellefson then asked the driver if he would be willing to let him search the back portion of the pickup. The driver denied consent to search the vehicle. At this point, Dep. Ellefson explained to the driver that he was going to deploy his narcotics dog around the exterior of his pickup Once both subjects were secured inside his patrol car, he deployed K9 Gabber for an exterior sniff of the pickup. K9 Gabber immediately started to detail the front passenger door working counter clockwise around the pickup. Towards the front passenger bumper area, K9 Gabber head snapped to the left and started to work into the wind clockwise returning to the front passenger door. K9 Gabber proceeded to hop up towards the door handle area pointing his nose into the air. K9 Gabber was already having an odor response to the presence of an illegal narcotic he is trained in. K9 Gabber proceeded to work counter clockwise rounding the front bumper. K9 Gabber stopped near the front driver's tire and stuck his head into the wheel well taking long, deep breaths. K9 Gabber continued to the driver's side rear passenger door seam where the box connects to the cab. K9 Gabber proceeded to hop up near the seam with his nose going up. Again, K9 Gabber was on odor response. Once K9 Gabber returned his front paws to the ground, he immediately head snapped left and started to work clockwise again around to the front bumper. K9 Gabber proceeded to crawl under the front bumper trying to detail the lower carriage of the pickup. The change in behavior from K9 Gabber was showing Dep. Ellefson that he is on an odor response. At this point, Dep. Ellefson read both subjects their rights. Dep. Ellefson began a search of the pickup. Starting with the front passenger area, he quickly located a banker’s bag inside the center console that contained a large sum of currency. Dep. Ellefson then unlocked the topper, opening up the rear portion of the box and removed a black bag and opened it up. He immediately noticed multiple heat-sealed bags inside. The heat-sealed bag contained a green leafy substance and smelled like raw marijuana.

At approximately 14:00 hours, the search warrant was executed. 

The search resulted in the following: 

-Approximately 210 lbs. - raw marijuana 

-Approximately 5 lbs. -THC wax/shatter 

-Approximately 8 grams-Methamphetamine 

-Approximately $2,400 in United States currency 

-Multiple cell phones

Cpl.  Sumner and K9 Ram, Lenexa Police Department, KS


On 02-12-2018 at approximately 0739 hours, officers were dispatched to 8813 Cottonwood St. in regard to an elderly male that was walking through back yards only wearing his underwear and a t-shirt. The temperature was 16 degrees and the wind chill was 8 degrees. 

Upon arrival Corporal Gross learned that the elderly male was reported missing by his wife. The grandchildren observed their grandfather walking through the backyards to the north. Cpl. Sumner assisted one of the family members search the backyards and some out buildings. After he went inside and spoke to the family and was told the grandfather said he wanted to kill himself and drank a bottle of mouthwash before leaving. 

Cpl. Sumner deployed police service dog, Ram. Ram picked up a track and tracked eastbound just to the north of 8732 Cottonwood St. crossing the street and then tracked eastbound passing 8709 Cottonwood St. Ram went just north of the wood line on the south side of W. 87th St. Pkwy. He started pulling into the wood line with his head high and his mouth closed. Cpl. Sumner could also see his breathing was quickened and was on human odor. They went a little further and Ram lost the scent, so he returned to the area where Ram had the scent and he again started pulling into the wood line. He pulled down to a large concrete drainage ditch where Cpl. Sumner observed an elderly male lying face down only wearing underwear and a t-shirt. His head was in the running water and the remainder of his body was on the ice. 

Cpl. Sumner did not know the arrival time of a backing officer, so he tied Ram to a tree and slid down the ice to help the male. He had him sit up and took his shirt off once he woke him. Officer Barker gave me his coat and they put it on the male. Cpl. Sumner kept shaking parts of his body to keep his body warm. He had units bring a rope with them to slide him up the ice and out of the ditch, but the rope slid off, so Officer Barker was able to pull the subject up while Cpl. Sumner pushed. Once out of the ditch, officers carried him to an ambulance. 

Sgt. Thom  and K9 Dreamos, Stutsman County Sheriff's Office, ND

On January 21, 2018 while observing eastbound traffic near mile marker 254 Sgt. Thom observed a large pickup traveling below the posted speed limit. He pulled out of the median and caught up to the vehicle to observe the occupant’s behavior. He noted that there were two male occupants, and also noted that there was no visible luggage or cargo, which was peculiar for such a large vehicle that was a long distance from its place of registration. 

The vehicle continued traveling east through Jamestown at a rate of 73mph. A faster moving vehicle passed myself and the suspect vehicle. The faster moving vehicle changed lanes in front of the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle failed to give way to the passing vehicle to create sufficient following distance creating a potential hazard, so Sgt. Thom activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop. Sgt. Thom approached on the passenger side and noted the bed of the pickup was filled with black trash bags to the bottom of the topper. As he contacted the male driver and male passenger of the vehicle, he immediately noticed the overwhelming odor of raw marijuana emanating from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. After taking the driver to his patrol vehicle, he asked if they had any weapons with them today, or any illegal drugs. Sgt. Thom asked the driver for consent to search his vehicle to which he responded, “ya go ahead”, but then changed his mind and said no. After both subjects were secured he retrieved his canine partner Dreamos from his vehicle to conduct an exterior sniff of the vehicle. Dreamos was given his search command and allowed him to free sniff the vehicle on a retractable lead. Canine Dreamos went to the downwind (passenger) side and began sniffing near the passenger door. He worked back towards the rear of the vehicle and alerted to the presence of narcotics at the rear passenger side corner of the vehicle. Canine Dreamos head snapped to the corner of the vehicle and began breathing rapidly through a closed mouth focusing and lingering on the corner near the taillight. Dreamos stepped up on the rear bumper sniffing near the corner of the door to the topper. Canine Dreamos went into a position of final response by sitting and staring at what he believed to be the source 

of the odor. Sgt. Thom returned Dreamos to his vehicle and returned to the suspect vehicle to conduct a probable cause search. Sgt. Thom opened the topper and cut open a garbage bag located in the bed of the vehicle and found multiple heat-sealed bags containing raw marijuana. In the passenger compartment, the back seat was folded up and he located additional garbage bags containing heat-sealed bags of raw marijuana. Sgt. Thom then placed both subjects under arrest for possession with intent to deliver marijuana. The contraband and the occupant’s property was removed from the vehicle. 

The evidence was inventoried and the total recovered was 470 heat-sealed packages of raw marijuana totaling 476 pounds and 0.625 ounces of raw marijuana with packaging placed into evidence. The seized vehicle was placed in storage pending forfeiture. 

Northwest Awards

Officer Berns and K9 Jax , Arvada Police Dept., CO 


On 10-19-18 at approximately 0154 hours, Officer Berns stopped a red Toyota Camry for a traffic violation. The driver lied about his name. After he was identified Officers learned he had an active warrant for motor vehicle theft. He was then placed into custody. The two passengers were on probation for various charges and displayed signs of drug use.

K9 Jax subsequently alerted to the presence of narcotics inside the vehicle. Approximately two pounds of methamphetamine were located inside the vehicle, along with over a pound of marijuana and an amount of heroin. Officers also found fraudulent identification cards, counterfeit currency, fraudulent checks and likely stolen checks in the car as well.

All three were booked at APD.

The investigation will be referred to both CIB and SIU for follow up.

Deputy Elthorp and K9 Milo, Grand County Sheriff's Office, CO 


On November 29, 2018 at approximately 0655 hours the Grand County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center informed Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies of a stolen Alpine Lumber box style truck from Steamboat Springs. Sheriff Brett Schroetlin organized several deputies and coordinated with the Colorado State Patrol, Kremmling Police Department, and Granby Police Department, in formulating an action plan to intercept the stolen truck. Sheriff Schroetlin and Chief James Kraker established intercept points along U.S. Highway 40 and also sent Deputies up Colorado Highway 125 toward Highway 14. Further information was received by the Colorado State Patrol the stolen box style truck was stopped along Colorado State Highway 14 with two individuals unloading items from the truck into a dark colored Subaru. Lieutenant Dan Mayer observed the dark colored Subaru on U.S. Highway 40 traveling eastbound. Lieutenant Mayer along with additional Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to stop the suspect vehicle and that is when the pursuit began. Stop sticks were deployed to deflate the tires on the suspect vehicle to end the pursuit. It was at this time the driver of the suspect vehicle bailed out the car and fled on foot toward the Colorado River. The passenger was taken into custody. The male suspect who fled on foot toward the Colorado River was observed by Grand County Sheriff’s Deputies crossing the river and continuing on foot. The deputies giving chase on foot then observed the male suspect passing through a fence opening and disappearing into the tall grass. Deputy Elthorp and K9 Milo began searching for the suspect with other deputies and Chief Kraker. Milo searched for the suspect crossing a barbwire fence, thru an open hay meadow that had fresh snow on it, then across the Colorado river up to Milo's chest. Once across the river, Deputy Elthorp observed the suspect lay down in some bushes and tall grass. Before releasing Milo, we were informed the suspect may have a gun. Deputies ordered the suspect to surrender. The suspect refused. K9 team and six Officers tactically approached the suspect, while a drone watched the suspect. Once the suspect was located he was under some tall grass tucked in the river bank in the knee high mud. At approximately 0857 Deputy Elthorp challenged the suspect. The suspect refused to surrender. Milo and him stepped down into the river where he sent K9 Milo to apprehend the suspect. Milo did engage the suspect on the suspects left wrist. The suspect was taken into custody and provided with medical treatment.

Both suspects were transported to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office Jail for further investigation. The dark colored Subaru has been impounded and contained what appears to be a large amount of evidence and stolen property.

Ranger Stein and K9 Blitz, Colorado Rangers, CO 


At 1207 on September 19, 2018, Ranger Stein received a call from Sgt David Hempel from the Fort Lupton PD. Sgt Hempel stated that the F.B.I. was conducting a raid of a residence with Fort Lupton P.D., S.W.A.T., and the North Metro Drug Task Force pursuant to a search warrant to search a residence; however, they needed a K-9 to run a vehicle that had arrived just before they executed the warrant. Sgt. Hempel texted Ranger Stein the contact information for F.B.I. Special Agent, and the address in Fort Lupton. Ranger Stein arrived at 1248. There were about a dozen vehicles parked randomly around the property and at least 20 F.B.I. Agents in plainclothes. Ranger Stein and K9 Blitz were taken to a two-car garage in which was located a white Honda CR-V, and a variety of clothing, alcohol bottles and other random objects on shelving and on the floor. Blitz conducted a thorough search of the vehicle and garage. He presented with respiratory changes at a shelving unit, climbed partially onto a nearby chair to search the upper shelves and indicated an alert by sitting. The Agents searched the upper shelves and located a fist-sized package wrapped in a green plastic heat-sealed case; under a blanket on the third shelf up from the bottom. The bag was photographed and placed in an evidence bag. Ranger Stein was then told that, although the residence had also been searched, Blitz and him should search it again. Blitz alerted at several sites, including a purse, and under a mattress. The substances to which he had alerted were placed into evidence bags. 

Here is a listing of the drugs seized from the search at the residence in Fort Lupton, on 09/19/2018:

1) Green bag with white powder, presumptive test positive for cocaine, 171.4 grams

2) Small bag with white powder, presumed to be cocaine, 87.3 grams

3) Blue "M" pills, suspected fentanyl, 30 pills, 35.7 grams

4) There were other containers containing cutting agents that had trace amounts of cocaine.


Deputy Curry  and K9 Kuko, Denver Sheriff's Department, CO  


On May 1, 2018, Deputy Curry and K9 Kuko were at the Denver vehicle impound lot performing a narcotic’s sweep before the car auction. Deputy Curry got K-9 Kuko out of the vehicle and started to work the first row of vehicles downwind. Kuko worked a few cars, and then Deputy Curry observed him stand on his back legs and air sent. Kuko pulled him approximately 45 feet to the back row passing multiple vehicles. Kuko stopped at the driver’s door of a silver jeep grand cherokee and began to give a strong respiratory alert. Kuko then placed his nose on the driver side front door seam and gave a final response and sat staring at the door. Deputy Curry then opened the driver's side door when Kuko placed his nose between the driver’s seat and floor giving another respiratory alert and he sat. Deputy Curry was able to pull a large brown backpack from under the driver’s seat and place it in the driver’s seat. Kuko began barking at the bag showing unusual behavior. Deputy Curry opened the bag to find what appeared to be suspected methamphetamines. Deputy Curry placed Kuko back in the kennel and began to examine the bag further. A total of 2.09 pounds of methamphetamines, 40 M.D.M.A. pills, $4,672 U.S. dollars, 26 grams of Marijuana, 1 scale. A presumptive test was performed, and it came back as a positive hit for methamphetamines.

Officer Laas and K9 Rudy, Arvada Police Department, CO  


On 013118 at approximately 1930 Hours Officer Laas responded to a domestic and restraining order violation at 7843 2 82 Wy. The suspect was restrained from being in contact with his ex-wife and had two warrants for his arrest including a felony burglary warrant. The suspect was reported to be armed with a gun and possibly a knife. He had also made statements about suicide by cop to his ex-wife. Prior to K9 Ofc. Laas arrival the suspect had fled, possibly on foot. An area check was conducted of the house and surrounding yards without locating him. A track was then conducted from the vehicle the suspect had fled from. The track lasted over one hour and went through several neighborhoods and a large golf course. The track then continued into a large apartment complex and past several buildings before canine Rudy lost the scent. The perimeter was collapsed and about 4 minutes after calling the track an RP had called stating someone matching the description of the suspect was hiding in the hallway of one of the buildings. This building was one building over from where the K9 track was lost. Ofc. Laas did respond back to this location with his cover officers and a perimeter officer as they were still on foot returning across the golf course to the original location. The perimeter officer did observe the suspect in the building and did challenge him. The suspect then ran into the stair well to the back side of the building trying to get out the back side of the building. Ofc. Laas did sent K9 Rudy for an apprehension and to prevent the suspect from getting out of the building or getting into another apartment. The suspect did get into a laundry room just before the K9 could engage him.

Once in the laundry Ofc. Laas did order the suspect to come out through a glass window of the door. The suspect refused to come out and did keep his right hand in his coat pocket, refusing orders to take his hands out. The glass window was broken by Ofc. Laas and orders were again given for him to come out and show his hands or he would be bit. He did raise his hand in the coat simulating a gun at the officer and then put it back down. The suspect did open the door and of the laundry room and came out with a knife in his hand charging Ofc. Laas and his K9 along with other officer’s present. This occurred on the stairs landing in between two floors in an area of about 8 ft by 8 ft. The suspect was then shot by cover officers and engaged by K9 Rudy on his hip. The suspect did fall to the ground at the feet of officer Laas and K9 Rudy. The suspect then raised up with the knife towards Ofc. Laas and Rudy and was shot by Ofc. Laas as he was pulling Rudy away from the knife.


Officer  Accord and K9 Archer, Mills Police Department, WY


On 03/24/2018 at approximately 1415 hours Mill PD Officer Acord and K9 Archer were requested by phone to respond for an exterior vehicle sniff. Officer Acord gave K9 Archer his detection command on the exterior of the vehicle on a green passenger car. K9 Archer began to sniff around the exterior of the car, he approached the driver's side door seam, and began alerting to the odor of narcotics/controlled substances. 

Officer Acord and K9 Archer were then requested to respond to a second location for another vehicle sniff. Officer Acord deployed K9 Archer around a black SUV. Near the rear hatch, K9 Archer began alerting to the odor of narcotics/controlled substances. K9 Archer began sniffing vigorously underneath the vehicle, near the gas cap, as well as showing another head snap at the back hatch. Officer Acord watched him move back and forth along the rear hatch seam and then place his front legs on the rear bumper. K9 Archer indicated to the odor of arcotics/controlled substances.  After conducting the sniff and pursuant to the positive alert, a search warrant was issued for the black SUV. Officer Acord was later informed a search revealed 1.53 lbs of presumptive methamphetamine were located in several vacuum sealed packages. Also located was approximately $15,000 in cash. 

South Central Awards

Cpl. Pucket and K9 Luuk, Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office, LA  


On Wednesday, August, 1st 2018 at approximately 10:52 AM, Senior Corporal Garrett Puckett deployed K9 Luuk in relation to an Assist Detectives call on serving a warrant. During the course of this deployment, K9 Luuk was directed to perform the following tasks:

Sr. Cpl. Puckett and the ACTT (Swat) made entry and cleared the residence except for a small bathroom inside of a bedroom which was where the subject was possibly hiding. Sr. Cpl. Puckett was instructed to use K9 Luuk to search the bathroom after the door was breached. Upon breaching the door to the bathroom Sr. Cpl. Puckett gave the command for K9 Luuk to search and sent him into the bathroom. Sr. Cpl. Puckett observed K9 Luuk was not in any odor and had cleared the bathroom. Sr. Cpl. Puckett removed K9 Luuk from the bathroom and exited the adjacent bedroom area. A secondary search was conducted by ACTT members finding it to be clear. ACTT members located another bedroom that was not cleared and had a locked door to the room. ACTT members breached the door and Sr. Cpl. Puckett sent K9 Luuk into the bedroom instructing him to search for the subject. Sr. Cpl. Puckett allowed K9 Luuk to work in the room for approx. one and a half minutes. Sr. Cpl. Puckett then retrieved K9 Luuk from the room allowing ACTT members to conduct a secondary search clearing the room. While conducting a secondary search in the residence, Deputies observed numerous weapons inside the residence lying around such as knives, large hammers, tools, a sword and small caliber rifle. Deputies observed a small attic door in the bathroom where the subject was supposedly hiding. Sgt. Reddin along with Sgt. Tony Jones placed a motorized robot into the attic to search for the subject. Sgt. Reddin was able to observe the subject in the attic hiding on the north side of the residence. ACTT members gave numerous commands for the subject to exit the attic, but the subject failed to comply. After approx. 10 minutes, 40mm direct impact rounds were deployed at the subject approx. 4 times. After the 4th round was fired and made contact, the subject began crawling towards the opening of the attic. Sgt. Reddin advised the subject through the robot audio device to show his hands as he exits the attic. Sgt. Reddin advised he could not observe the subject’s hands; therefore Sr. Cpl. Puckett approached the bathroom with K9 Luuk. Sgt. Doucet began giving loud verbal commands for the subject to exit the attic with his hands up first. Sgt. Doucet advised the subject approached the opening then sat down with his feet out of the attic first. Sgt. Doucet advised he grabbed the subject’s feet and began pulling on them to remove him from the attic. Sgt. Doucet advised the subject resisted by pulling back and would not come down from the attic. Deputies were unable able to observe the subject’s hands and could not observe if he had a weapon with him in the attic. Sgt. 

Reddin also advised he could not observe the subject's hands through the camera system on the robot. Sr. Cpl. Puckett approached the door to the bathroom and commanded K9 Luuk to apprehend the subject. Sr. Cpl. Puckett observed K9 Luuk lunge towards the area of the attic opening then heard the subject begin to scream. Sr. Cpl. Puckett entered the threshold of the bathroom doorway and observed the subject hanging from the opening with his feet towards the ground and his arms and hands still in the attic area. K9 Luuk had a proper grip on the subject's left calf area. The subject dropped down from the attic and laid on his back then began grabbing at K9 Luuk's head with his left hand. Sr. Cpl. Puckett approached the subject and ordered him to remove his hand from the K9 and to place them behind his back. The subject failed to comply and continued to fight with K9 Luuk by kicking his legs and grabbing at his head. To prevent injury to the K9 and to assist in detaining the subject, Sr. Cpl. Puckett began to deliver approx. 5 to 6 closed fist empty hand strikes to the upper torso/shoulder area of the subject. The subject then removed his hand from the K9 at which point Sr. Cpl. Puckett was able to secure the subjects hands. Due to the confined area and the subject still on his back, Sr. Cpl. Puckett released the subjects arms and backed out of the bathroom towards the threshold of the bathroom by grabbing K9 Luuk's collar and the right leg of the subject and pulling them out of the bathroom to the bedroom area so Deputies could assist with hand cuffing the subject. Sr. Cpl. Puckett took control of K9 Luuk as Sgt. Miller turned the subject over onto his stomach. K9 Luuk stayed in a proper grip the entire time while the subject was resisting and being detained. Once the subject was properly handcuffed Sr. Cpl. Puckett removed K9 Luuk from the bite. K9 Luuk was then removed from the residence and placed back into the K9 unit. The subject was removed from the residence to the front porch where he was treated by ambulance personnel. The subject was later transported to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for treatment and once released from the hospital, booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center.

Cpl. Pucket and K9 Luuk, Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office, LA  

On August 1, 2018 Sr. Cpl. Garrett Puckett along with K-9 Luuk were assigned to go to a residence in order to serve a warrant on a male suspect for racketeering. Once the team arrived the suspect barricaded himself inside the residence for approximately two hours. All power and water was shut off to the residence shortly after the suspect barricaded himself. Several announcements were given for the suspect to surrender, which the suspect did not comply. Sr. Cpl. Puckett and K-9 Luuk made entry on the residence along with the Anti-Crime Tactical Team and had K-9 Luuk conduct a building search. The suspect was not located during the initial search of the residence. While conducting a secondary search of the residence, Deputies observed numerous weapons laying throughout the residence. Deputies observed a small attic door in the bathroom where the suspect was supposed to be hiding. The suspect was located in the attic by a small motorized robot. Numerous warnings were given through the robot for the suspect to exit the attic which the suspect did not comply with. After approximately ten minutes, four 40mm direct impact rounds were deployed at the suspect striking the suspect in the arm. The suspect began crawling towards the attic opening. The suspect was advised to show his hands as he exited the attic which the suspect did not comply. The suspect approached the opening and sat down dropping his feet through the attic opening. A Deputy grabbed the suspects feet and started pulling on the suspect in order to get the suspect out of the attic. The suspect started resisting by attempting to pull himself back into the attic. The Deputy was advised by Sr. Cpl. Puckett to back out of the way and K-9 Luuk was commanded to apprehend the suspect engaging the suspects calf muscle. The suspect fell to the floor and started fighting K-9 Luuk. The suspect was advised to quit fighting the dog several times and did not comply Once the suspect was on his stomach and in handcuff’s K-9 Luuk was removed from the bite. The suspect was transported to a local hospital where he was treated and released, then the suspect was booked into jail for his warrant.

Cpl. Duhon and K9 King, Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office, LA  

On May 8, 2018 Sr. Cpl. Chris Duhon was dispatched to help Lake Charles Police Dept. in locating a suspect who was possibly armed with a handgun who fled on foot after a vehicle pursuit. Once Sr. Cpl. Duhon arrived on scene, it was learned that the suspect attempted to run over a Lake Charles Police Officer, who fired his service weapon at the suspect. The suspect ended up flipping his vehicle after hitting two civilian vehicles, then fleeing on foot. Sr. Cpl. Duhon deployed K-9 King for a track of the suspect. K-9 King picked up a track and tracked in the residential area for about 120 yards crossing hard surfaces and crossing two fences, before leading Sr. Cpl. Duhon to a shed located in a backyard. K-9 King was biting at the tin on the shed attempting to enter but Sr. Cpl. Duhon gave the suspect several verbal warnings before deploying K-9 King into the shed for a building search. During the verbal announcements, Sr. Cpl. Duhon heard the suspect reply “They shot at me.” Again, verbal announcements were made for the suspect to exit the building and the suspect replied, “I’m not coming out.” Sr. Cpl. Duhon deployed K- 9 King into the shed which was cluttered with stuff from floor to ceiling. A short time after deploying K-9 King, Sr. Cpl. Duhon heard the suspect yelling to get the dog off of him. After full compliance and the suspect handcuffed, K- 9 King was removed from the bite. Sr. Cpl. Duhon noticed the suspect was bit on the hand, arm, and thigh and asked the suspect why his K-9 bit him in three different places. The suspect admitted to fighting with the K-9 and due to the clutter in the shed, the suspect and dog were falling over the clutter. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center for aggravated flight from an officer, attempted murder of a police officer, and numerous traffic violations.

Cpl. Pucket and K9 Luuk, Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office, LA  


On March 24, 2018, Sr. Cpl. Garrett Puckett and K9 Luuk received a call in reference to a Burglary in process at 275 Hwy. 397 in Lake Charles, LA. Dispatch advised the suspect was kicking the glass doors at the front of the business. Upon Sr. Cpl. Puckett’s arrival, he spotted a male subject fitting the description of the suspect. Sr. Cpl. Puckett noticed a beer bottle in the suspect’s hand. Sr. Cpl. Puckett exited his unit and started giving commands for the suspect to get on the ground. The suspect walked around the front of the police unit and Sr. Cpl. Puckett advised him to stand in front of the unit. The suspect did not comply and raised the bottle in the air. Sr. Cpl. Puckett observed the suspect gaining ground towards him while he repeatedly gave commands which the suspect was not complying to. Sr. Cpl. Puckett felt the suspect may be on some type of narcotic due to the behavior the suspect was displaying. Sr. Cpl. Puckett removed K9 Luuk from his unit and continued giving the suspect commands to back up and stand in front of the police unit. The suspect stated he was going to bite the dogs head off as Sr. Cpl. Puckett was advising the suspect he was going to let the K9 loose if he did not back up and comply with his warnings. The suspect started walking to the front of the police unit and when Sr. Cpl. Puckett ordered the suspect to put his hands on the hood of the unit, the suspect became very irate and changed his body posture to a fighting stance balling his fist up and yelling at Sr. Cpl. Puckett. Sr. Cpl. Puckett advised the suspect again that he was going to release the dog if the suspect did not comply. The suspect was yelling out that he was the god damn boss and he was going to break Sr. Cpl. Puckett’s mother fucking ass as he was approaching toward Sr. Cpl. Puckett. Sr. Cpl. Puckett gave K9 Luuk the command to apprehend the suspect and K9 Luuk engaged the suspect’s upper thigh. The suspect started fighting K9 Luuk, so Sr. Cpl. Puckett deployed his Taser at the suspect’s back. The suspect continued fighting K9 Luuk while the Taser was cycling. The suspect finally went to his knees and Sr. Cpl. Puckett continued to give verbal warnings. Sr. Cpl. Puckett had to deploy another round of cycle from the Taser. The backup officer (Brian Haley) arrived and Sr. Cpl. Puckett advised Haley to move in for handcuffing. The suspect was not complying with the orders to give his hands. Sr. Cpl. Puckett holstered his Taser and joined in with Haley in order to get the suspect in handcuffs. Once the handcuffs were on, Sr. Cpl. Puckett took control of K9 Luuk and released the bite. The suspect was treated at a nearby hospital for the bite and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center for Burglary, Possession of CDS II, and resisting arrest.

Southeast Awards

Deputy Lynn and K9 Jak, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, FL  

On April 30, 2018, Deputy R. Lynn conducted a traffic stop on South Cleveland Avenue, and Fowler Street. A male passenger fled from the traffic stop. Deputy Lynn did not immediately pursue the male subject but detained the male driver and additional female passenger until more units arrived. Central District Deputies responded to the scene and established a perimeter. Canine Deputy Brian Walkowiak responded and conducted a canine track. Deputy Lynn assisted Deputy Walkowiak with the canine track to locate male subject that fled. Responding Deputies and nearby witnesses noticed the male subject was armed with a handgun. As Deputies closed in on his location, they gave multiple orders for him to drop the firearm, but he did not comply. At one point, the male pointed the firearm at his own head, then turned the firearm and pointed it at Deputy Lynn and Deputy Walkowiak, which placed all Deputies in imminent personal hazard of life, from the male subjects dangerous and aggressive actions while armed with a firearm. Fearing for their own lives, and the lives of fellow Deputies, Deputy Lynn and Deputy Walkowiak engaged the suspect and fired their weapons, striking him multiple times. Simultaneously, Deputy Walkowiak had also released his canine partner, JAK, and JAK engaged the subject. Deputies were then able to disarm him, detain him and begin first aid. Deputy Lynn, Deputy Walkowiak and Sergeant Gunn were able to utilize two Department issued “trauma kits” to treat the subjects multiple gunshot wounds and stop and / or slow bleeding until Lee County Emergency Medical Services arrived.

During the subsequent investigation, completed by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, it was revealed the male subject was about to enter a plea, within a few days, where he would be sentenced to prison. The suspect made comments to those in the vehicle about how he would rather die than go back to prison.

Southwest Awards

West Coast Awards

Detective Price and K9 Charlie,  Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, CA 

On Sunday July 16th, 2017, at approx. 1000 hrs, a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy that was working the Domestic Highway Enforcement Team in the Gorman area observed a grey Dodge Nitro SUV traveling northbound Interstate 5. The Deputy observed a vehicle code violation and conducted a traffic stop. The driver and registered owner of the vehicle was unlicensed and consented to a search of the vehicle. Detective Price arrived on the scene with his K9 partner Charlie. Detective Price has Charlie do a sniff of the vehicle and noticed Charlie had a change of behavior and seemed to get very frustrated, as if could not get close enough to the source of what he was sniffing for, around the rear bumper and under where the spare tire sits. Detective Price let Charlie into the vehicle to sniff the interior. As Charlie was sniffing the back deck/storage area, he alerted to a hole in the floor where the spare tire crank goes. Detective Price searched this area and Charlie's alert lead to a discovery of a false compartment under the floor that contained 20 packages of Meth totaling approx 35 lbs.