Updated Rule Changes

Rule Changes

Any attempt to intentionally violate stated rules shall result in being excused from certification and or possible expulsion from organization.

Patrol Certification Update:

Certifying Official will direct the handler to about turn, continuing in motion towards the canine. At this time, a shot from a .38 caliber blank gun or the audible equivalent will be fired by a helper who is out of sight and at least one hundred (100) feet and no more than one hundred-fifty (150) feet from the starting

Certifying Official Changes:

Must have a minimum of five (5) years experience in handling and/or training Police Service Dogs in relation to patrol applications (Patrol Official) and scent detection application (Detector Official). During this period, members must have successfully obtained an NPCA Patrol and/or Scent Detection Certificate (in respective field of experience) one (1) time. Applicants must send copies of certificates and proof of experience in K-9 as required for verification.

Or, a minimum of four (4) years experience in handling and/or training Police Service Dogs in relation to respective experience and have successfully completed a minimum of 400 accumulated hours of formal training. Applicant must send a copy of academy or course certificate for verification and must have certified one (1) time in prospective field.

Narcotics Cert Change:

All finds shall not weigh less than seven (7) grams or more than twenty-eight (28) grams.

Explosives Cert Change:

Time on Luggage will now be 6 minutes instead of 12.

Narcotics Cert Change:

All finds shall consist of Controlled Substances classified by law.  Two (2) of the finds shall be soft drugs (marijuana) and two finds shall be hard drugs (cocaine or crack cocaine).  **For teams not trained in Marijuana, the two marijuana hides will be replaced with two heroin or two meth or two MDMA. If needed marijuana can be put out as an additional odor.**

There is a New Certification: Currency

Corporate Membership Definition Change:

Corporate membership- limited to certification and other specific corporate training.

Rule mandating all 5 phases (area, building search) to be completed with patrol certification.

All phases of the patrol Certification must be attempted and offered by the certification host.  Not offering and/or attempting an area search (for instance) because the building search was passed is improper procedure.

Trainers Who Come To The Nationals Specifically For The Purpose Of Attaining Designation Will Not Have Expenses Paid By NPCA.   

Certification payments need to be made at time of certification or paid ahead of time and have proof of payment.

Need good email address on applications.

E -collars Worn for Detection except EOD

Certifying Officials conducting Certifications     (If costs are to be incurred by NPCA a minimum of 10 certification teams are required.)

Any Certifying Official conducting a certification must contact their Regional Director at least 5 days prior to the event and provide the following:

a)      Date, time and location of the certification

b)      Certifying Officials names and CO #’s of ALL CO’s assisting in the event

c)      What certifications will be offered at the event. (Narc, EOD, Patrol etc…

In addition:

The requesting CO will provide contact information & phone number where they can be reached. This information shall be listed on the NPCA web site for the event if the resources are available.

The requesting CO will ensure that all equipment, locations and training aids meet the requirements established by NPCA certification standards.

The Regional Directors will provide the information to the Administrative Assistant, who will log this information into the NPCA records and issue an official certification number for the event.

The Regional Directors will then provide the requesting CO, with the certification number for the event.  NOTE:  The certification number must be obtained PRIOR to the certification event. No numbers will be issued after the event. Certifications conducted without a certification number will not be valid.

The Administrative Assistant (AA) shall place the certification event on the NPCA web site so other members seeking certifications in the area can attend if they desire.

a)    The AA will track the certification numbers issued to ensure that all of the paperwork is received from the event.

b)    The requesting CO will be the point of contact for the AA if any questions should arise from the event.

The requesting CO will notify any participants attending the event, that payment or proof of payment is required at the time of the certification. Special circumstances on payment must be authorized by the Administrative Assistant in advance.

Event certificates will be obtained thru the Regional Director. Additional documents are available at www.npca.net  (master score sheets, score sheets certification standards, handler release etc.)

Certification certificates will be given out at the time of the certification event.

The requesting CO will complete the certification paperwork and forward all certification documents and monies from the event to the Administrative Assistant within 30 days of the event.